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High Performance Homes

High Performance Homes

What does “high performance” mean when it comes to homes? To us, it means energy efficiency, air-tight homes with healthier indoor air, and environmental responsibility. We’re not content to just use the same building practices year after year. We’re continually striving to find new ways to build a better home, and as a result, many of our standard features are above and beyond the building code.

Newrock Homes is a partner of Energy Star®, which means a lot more than just energy-efficient appliances. When Energy Star® certifies a new home, they make sure that a long list of energy efficient components are in place, and they conduct testing to check the tightness of the home. Nothing speaks of energy efficiency like the trusted Energy Star® label. Click here for more details on Energy Star® certified new homes.

What is your vision for energy efficiency? If you want to go beyond even Energy Star® certification, and capture renewable resources such as solar heat, or use certain “green” materials in the construction of your home, we’d be happy to look into those options with you and work within your budget. We want you to be able to sleep peacefully in your new home… knowing that not only are you being environmentally responsible, you’re saving on your utility bills every month.

Talk with your Newrock home consultant for more information on high performance homes.