About Us

Authentic Service. Genuine Value.

Newrock Homes is a General Contractor located in Longview, Washington

We build custom homes, designed in-house, built on your land

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How we started

Newrock Homes was founded in 2005. Characterized by honesty, hard work, excellent quality, and attention to detail, Newrock Homes has flourished by the volume of enthusiastic referrals from happy homeowners. Happy customers have kept Newrock in business, and we continue to believe that's our most powerful resource for success.

Custom built on your land

We’ve all heard the three most important things in real estate: Location, Location, Location! For that reason, Newrock Homes will come to you. We will build the home you want, on your land. Don’t have land yet? We can help you find it! We are also happy to give you a turn-key estimate for the house plan you love, and we'll adjust the estimate for any property you find along the way.


We do everything! From initial site visits and in-house designs, to permitting, excavation, and utilities. If you are looking for a builder that does everything for you – that’s Newrock Homes. We understand that building a home has many moving parts. Building a home shouldn’t mean that YOU have to become a general contractor - that’s our job. If you have land, in any condition, we’ll take it from there and keep you informed along the way.

Designing your home

Whether you want to build one of our standard plans, or have a fully custom plan drawn - we're ready. We have 40 stock plans, and get this - they're all adjustable! Newrock does not use pre-engineered house plans. So if there is a change you want to make to a standard plan - let's do it! We have an in-house draftsman ready to tackle your custom design. Want to start from scratch? Perfect, bring us your design notes and we'll draw a custom plan.

Energy efficiency

We are continuously striving to learn new ways to build a better home. As a result, many of our standard features are above and beyond the required building and energy codes. When energy efficiency is a goal, it means lower utility bills and being environmentally responsible. Building tighter homes with efficient heating and cooling systems means healthier indoor air quality, and consistently lower energy bills. Every home we build has your quality of life in mind; from your health to your wallet.


Let’s be honest – the current real estate climate is unique right now. We’ve always prided ourselves on having no hidden fees, and we intend to keep it that way. Newrock Homes has distinguished itself from other builders by providing a quality home, with excellent service, at a great price. Compare our standard features with other builders out there and you’ll find that Newrock stands out among our competitors. As a full-service contractor with long standing relationships with highly skilled craftsman – Newrock is able to offer competitive pricing and a quality product simultaneously.

What's in a name?

Newrock Homes has built a positive reputation not just in the local Longview community - but everywhere we build; Cowlitz County, Lewis County, Clark County, Wahkiakum County, Pacific County, and more. Most of our customers come to us by referral, and we couldn't be more proud of that. We are a home-grown company that takes great pride in what we do. Our goal is to make a happy customer out of every project we complete. Reputation is everything, and there is no better advertising than making sure the name "Newrock Homes" means quality, affordability, dependability, energy efficiency, and great customer service.

Contact us today for a Prices and Standards packet. Let us make a fan out of you!