1. Getting Started

1. Get pre-approved by a lender (we can recommend lenders)

2. Choose your home plan: Either one of our stock plans, or a custom plan

3. Receive a preliminary bid from our Construction Consultant to determine feasibility

2. Site Visit

1. Our Construction Consultant will set up a meeting with you on your property (or potential property) to go over site conditions, utilities, and excavation required for a successful build

2. Continue to work with lender on pre-approval

3. Design & Selections

1. Make your selections on finishes, options, and upgrades with your Construction Consultant; this includes a visit with our cabinet company, and flooring/countertop company

2. Simultaneously, our draftsman will draw up your plans to reflect your selections and plan adjustments

4. Sign Contract

1. Bids have been finalized and selections have been solidified. Now it's time to sign on the dotted line.

2. Give construction deposit. This deposit allows us to start engineering and permitting. This construction deposit goes towards the total cost of your build.

3. Newrock prepares documents that your lender will need to complete the loan process.

5. Construction Docs

1. Our Draftsman will start preparing your construction documents for permitting

2. Once the building permit packet is complete, Newrock Homes will submit permits for review

3. Continue to work with lender on financing

6. Permits & Lending

1. Your municipality will approve the building permits

2. Your loan will record and fund

3. Newrock Homes will schedule your Pre-Construction Meeting to get started

7. Pre-Construction Meeting

1. You will meet your Project Manager and review your selections and plans together

2. Your Project Manager will schedule a day to stake-out the location of the house on site with you

3. Get started building!