What We Do

We do it all. Really.

Newrock Homes is a full service custom home builder. "Full service" means we do everything. If you have the property - we do the rest. From the initial site visit, to water, sewer, land clearing and excavation. From permitting to painting, to concrete and the final cleaning before you move in, we've got you covered. If you have never built a home before, we ARE the builder for you. Even if you HAVE built before - you won't have a better experience than building with Newrock. If you live out of state and can't be on site, we're the ones who will make building from a distance enjoyable.

Permitting & Paperwork

Not sure how to get a building permit? Not to worry! Newrock does all of your permitting for you. We are unique in that you never have to set foot in a government building in order to build your Newrock Home. We draw your house plans, provide the engineering, and complete all of your permitting (site maps, building permits, septic designs, water availabilities, PUD applications, HOA approvals, etc.).

From the initial home design to getting the building permit in-hand - we do it all for you.

Design Services

Not only are you able to adjust ANY of our standard plans (in ANY way), we can also draw your dream home from scratch. With Newrock Homes, your design options are limitless. None of our house plans are pre-engineered, so every customer gets the chance to sit down with our draftsman for a design meeting. This allows you to truly customize your home. Since we don't have to send you elsewhere to meet with a draftsman, this allows us to provide custom plans, with 3D walkthroughs, in a timely fashion.

Excavation & Site Prep

Your property does not need to be "foundation ready" when you build with Newrock Homes. We've seen it all, and we're prepared to tackle your site. We will give you an estimate for excavating the foundation, as well as any required prep needed. This includes site clearing, trenching, driveways, utility runs, grading, and disbursement of material. Building a great home starts with the groundwork, and we're ready to do it all, and do it right.

Water/Well & Sewer/Septic

Whether you own land, or are looking - don't stress about whether it has water or sewer already. If your land needs a well, we can drill it. If your land needs a septic design, we'll get one. If you need both well and septic because the land has zero improvements, we'll do it all. We have teamed up with the best local septic designers and installers, and the same goes for well drillers and all your underground needs. If your property needs city water and sewer connections made, we'll do those too. Whatever your land requires to get utilities on site, that's our territory and we'll get it done.

Custom Features

Since none of our standard features are locked in, that means you can truly customize your home. Don't want the standard fiberglass shower? No problem, let's do a full tile walk-in shower with sprayers and a rain head. Always wanted that built-in bench at the front door with cubbies for everyone's shoes and coats? Let's do it, our carpenters can build it. Our system is set up to provide you with standard features so you don't have to choose everything - but if you want to customize anything, you absolutely can.