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    1. If the terms and conditions below are met, Newrock Homes will pay a referral fee in the amount of up to three percent (3%) of the Newrock Homes/Customer Agreement base price to an eligible Real Estate Professional (“REP”) after a referred client’s home framing is completed.

    2. The Newrock Homes Referral Program is a non-exclusive program for licensed REPs that refer customers to Newrock Homes for the construction of a new home. Not all Newrock Home offices may offer the Newrock Homes Referral Program.

    3. To be eligible for a referral payment under the Newrock Homes Referral Program, a referring REP:
      (1) must participate in an initial Newrock Homes Referral presentation; (2) must be previously registered and approved with the local Newrock Homes office that is building in the referrals territory; (3) must be currently licensed as a real estate professional; and (5) must be in good standing within the State in which the referral takes place. All of these conditions must be met in order for a REP to be eligible for a referral payment.

    4. Referred customers must purchase and build a house with Newrock Homes for the referral fee to apply. Under no circumstances will Newrock Homes pay a referral fee if the referred customer does not build a home with Newrock Homes.

    5. If a customer is referred to Newrock Homes by more than one REP, a referral fee will be paid to the one REP who Newrock Homes, in its sole discretion, determines was most responsible for the customer building a home through Newrock Homes. Under no circumstances will Newrock pay more than one Referral Fee for the same referral. If a referral builds multiple homes the referral fee is only paid on the initial home.

    6. A REP must register a referral prior to the referral contacting Newrock in any way.

    7. Newrock Homes reserves the right to modify or cancel the Newrock Homes Referral Program at any time without notice or obligation.

    8. Final Verification of the authenticity of a referral submitted will be done just prior to paying a referral fee.

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